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About Bruce

Who is he really - and what was he before that?

In 2010 I celebrated my 38th anniversary of marriage to Christine and have two wonderful adult daughters. If we discount my first eight years of working life with the Education Department, my last 29 years have all been about event management, public speaking and music making. I have been full-time in Civil Celebrant duties for the last 15 years, in the middle of which was a period of a little over a year when I worked as a funeral director and for one year taught part time in a performing arts school. For nearly 2 decades before that I worked as a music minister/director, making albums, writing stage shows, managing events, and lecturing in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia. I am interested in most sports - especially cricket, in architecture and design, theatre and the arts, politics and social issues, travel, personal and spiritual growth, and family life.

I assist around 270 couples or families a year in marriage ceremonies and funeral services, and a small number of vow renewal parties and child naming ceremonies add extra little gems of celebration. If I can help create a moment of genuine value for you with warmth, sincerity, dignity, laughs - or anything else you name, give me a call or mail me.

Marriage ceremonies with Dignity and Laughs
Funeral Services with Warmth and Naturalness
Other ceremonies too

Laughs, warmth, dignity, sincerity experience, substance, flexibility, ideas, smiles, gentleness, humour, discretion, consultation, understanding, confidence, value, the extra mile, professional attitudes, un-shock-able, loving - and male.

In Relation to Funerals:

A Christian minister will assume that the whole approach to a funeral service comes essentially from the angle that God is central to the issues of life and death. This influences the content of the service. On the whole, Civil celebrants, whatever their own personal belief, will not take that line. Where a minister might make some assumptions as to the place of prayers, readings and the God-factor, as a Civil celebrant I will not, without the request of the family.

A celebrant service generally focuses very much on the life the person who has died and the tributes of family and friends. Would that all funerals were like this! The celebrant service might also not go too far into issues of afterlife beliefs. A celebrant service need not exclude issues of religious or Christian belief altogether - some celebrants, myself included, are people of active Christian faith, others would not claim to be so.

In Relation to Weddings:

When a couple engage a minister several assumptions are probably made:
  • The minister or priest is on the Organisations list
  • The couple are confident in his competency
  • God will get a mention
  • Prayers, Bible readings, hymns and a lesson are 'ready-made' content
  • There may be some pre-marriage counselling or 'pastoral care' discussion
  • The ceremony will probably be indoors with congregation seated
When a couple engage a celebrant, a totally different set of elements exists:
  • They are not so ready to leave the celebrants words up to him
  • They will expect the celebrant not to introduce religious connotations
  • They will probably want to scrutinise the celebrant's words more closely
  • We have in effect, no ready-made content other than the legally-required lines
  • A free-standing 'lesson' probably won't be included
  • There will be no pre-marriage counselling
  • Sun, shade, wind, ambient noise, heat, cold, might all be factors in an outdoor ceremony.
So then, a couple dealing with a civil celebrant will be on different starting blocks from a couple dealing with a minister.

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