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Wedding Ceremonies

"Many people present shared our sentiments and commented on your ability to exude warmth, humour yet maintaining the sacredness of the occasion."

"The words you said at the ceremony were perfect and the tone in which they were delivered was sensitive. You were dealing with a very nervous groom."

"It was lovely to have such a nice, relaxed and entertaining person as our celebrant."

"To Geoff and I the commitment of marriage is very special and sincere, we wanted to find a Marriage celebrant who would help us convey this in our wedding ceremony. We definitely found that person in you."

"Your professional guidance, sincerity and sense of humour were very much appreciated."

"We were so impressed with your warm personality and the wonderful, natural ability you have of making people feel relaxed, while at the same time preserving an element of reverence for the occasion."

"On meeting you we instantly learned we had made the best possible selection for a wedding celebrant!!! ... the superb atmosphere you created on the day."

"We have watched the video a number of times, and each time are more impressed with your warmth, sincerity and friendliness. Someone even asked if you were a friend of ours - so impressed were they with your manner."

"We were both nervous, as is usual of a bride and groom but you managed to put us at ease and make us feel and experience the magical moments of marriage."

"Your calmness, your style and your patience helped create a wonderful atmosphere. You brought everyone in - but made us feel as if we were the only ones there. Thanks."

"I'm sure we'll be in touch in the not too distant future for a naming service."

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Naming Ceremonies

"Thanks so much for making Jack's ceremony so great."

"Thank you so much for your sensitive ceremony at the naming of XX. Even the hard-hearted ones were moved by your words. I will definitely keep you in mind (leaving it is a request to those that survive me) for a cheerful and meaningful funeral."

"Thank you so much Bruce, for helping to make Jaedon's first birthday and dedication so memorable. In amongst the balloons, cake and celebrations your words gave meaning and honour to the occaision"

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

"If I happened to have had an Oscar on me, I would have handed it over to your very talented self. Our night was off the planet..."

Funeral Services

Testimonies from Families about Bruce's Services

"I was dreading that morning - but your warmth, care and the understanding you displayed --in so many ways truly did make it a celebration of Jack's life."

"Last week you spent several hours with our family as celebrant ... I did not want to let the gift of what you brought us go by without expressing our sincere thanks and appreciation for the gentleness and care you took in managing the memory of Jack in our moment of grief. The way you captured the essence of his life at the funeral was, to me, inspired."

"Families confronted by sudden loss and grief need gentle guidance to assist them with the formalities. Your assistance and experience was well received...I appreciated the effort you went to, to research Dad's life through contacting a number of his friends and colleagues. Your words struck a chord..."

"You conducted with dignity and respect the funeral of a very well loved and respected man. Your gift of grasping the facts is commendable and your patience is to be admired."

"It reflected exactly the person he was and we are grateful that you were able to portray this in a dignified professional way."

"Thank you for the dignity and warmth you gave to the funeral service of my late mother."

"Thank you for the energy you put into Mum's funeral service. You must have heard all that we had said, with your heart. The opening 2 quotes hit the bulls-eye and set the tenor of the service."

"... it was just as if you knew him personally, and was so well done. It all left me with a sense of wonderful memories of a day which one usually dreads."

"..we could never have asked for anyone more perfect than yourself, we almost felt you had known her all your life."

"..thank you for the caring and totally empathetic way in which you met with us ... admiration for the sympathetic way in which you gathered your notes ... and massaged them into such a lasting and appropriate farewell ... on the basis of a fleeting meeting with the family you were able to present a tangible and effective memorial ..."

"Society needs people such as yourself to enter into their grief and support them in the loving and discreet way you helped all of us."

"One of my friends who heard the tape said that the sincerity with which you spoke was quite remarkable, and that he would like to fly you to Sydney when the time comes for his mother's funeral, and that he would speak to the rest of his family about this. Other people who attended Dad's funeral Service asked me if you were Family. You surely have a God-given gift."

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